Good morning my road to love and happiness……

The last couple of years has been pretty hard Since my separation and divorce from more long marriage. As I went back into the field of dating or trying to meet someone .I can say that today’s mentality in some women can be so cruel or plan old selfish at times .I felt as women were taking out on the good guys what the bad guys did to them. I can say I had my share of being fooled and used and what I call an introduction into the friend zone.. I was told that a man who gives love and to much attention to a women is considered weak and a turn off. Lol but you see those same women chasing thugs that treat them like crap. How confused I was but when I decided to give up and just stay single and move on alone I found a women who fit my profile a women who wanted attention love and romance an addition to honesty and respect.. I said thank you God for I didn’t want to stay alone. Soon I will move my spirit and life to San Diego for that was the city I picked to move to before she even showed up. I’m so grateful and happy that I kept an open mind and now I can start my new journey with a women who understands what I do !! And that is love is the answer to a successful relationship.. 

Have a nice day 


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