24 years of sobriety 

I would like to share with my friends and family that 24 years ago today I had a decision to make it was either die on the streets chasing the devils poison (alcohol,drugs) or to allow the hands of God to convert me into the man I was meant to be. I decided to choose God and with that I can say honestly today that I have not had a drink of alcohol or a drug in 24 years. The power of God has given me life and success.. In sobriety I raised 3 kids traveled the world including stops in Israel cities of Jerusalem, and Bethlehem and many other places. I ran a business for 10 years and made many friends that will take me into the future with much success. I helped many people who nobody else would.I lived in nice places and gave my children the good life even when I couldn’t.. And I wrote two books ” Soap that doesn’t clean” which tells my story and ” The Text” God had a plan for me and I’m still working for him. I’m grateful for my sobriety. God bless the world and may those who still struggle there is light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to walk towards the light…
Tyrone Garcia a bad past but an amazing new life after….

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