Happy Mother’s Day 

Good morning to all my Lovely mothers; its your day to be acknowledge by all the people in your life. My mother was a great person never cared about anything material she only cared about carrying Gods message. She baby sit kids and never cared if they paid her she just wanted to teach them about God. She open her doors and give her last to make someone happy and never cared what they say about her. 

The life of a mom is hard after carrying a child in there womb they have to than raise that child and prepare them for a difficult world. 
Sometimes alone because men are not men and don’t want to help raise what they made..
I just want to say to mothers especially the ones struggling to survive with small children. Walk with your head held high for you bring us into this world and not only today but everyday you are the keepers of life and without you we are nothing.. 
May the love and abundance of the universe shine on you and bless you all with treasures ….
By Tyrone Garcia I miss you mom : say to that great man you you married dad who’s in heaven with you along to Jose and Angelo 

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