Life has its way of rewarding you for being patient. We live life and deal with the pains of growth and obstacles that brings us misery. We lose and gain people in our lives, but we continue to push forward toward our final destination. That final destination may it be your goal or just your stooping point of where you want to be in life. We stop and pause and try to analyze what we did wrong and try not to do it again for we also have given pain to others. To make amends to the world of people we have harmed is a good thing, but If amends aren’t made to oneself how can we start to make real amends to anyone. We did terrible things to others and we also did terrible things to ourselves.  Our spirit has been drenched in bad-will and the mind and spirit needs cleansing. The resentments we build in our hearts need to go for the hand of God to really work in our lives. We all need healing anybody who has lived life does, the pain and suffering from bad decisions will eat away your life if you don’t take a look at yourself and admit you have been defeated spiritually. The good thing is that God always allows us to see the mistakes we made and start to say you’re sorry to yourself first. We’re all great people nobody is bad only our procrastination to not change is the bad.. For God loves us all and he has given us a school not a world to learn from. The most important thing in life is to accept your faults and try to change. Once we have done this the vault that has been holding your blessing will open and start to bless you.

Tyrone Garcia……

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