The Obstacles of life can sometimes hit you from every direction. When you least expect it your given a challenge that gives you defeat before you start to think of a plan. I kinda call it tough love from the world. You think because your a great person that everything is suppose to go your way and that God will protect you. Not!! for the world has been given free will to do as it pleases. The important thing to know is that life is a challenge In itself.. The daily obstacles we inherit comes from our own doings!! our decisions always comes with consequences good or bad. I have learned that I’m responsible for my own actions and what I do I will either enjoy or suffer no matter what I do it’s all an eduction. People try to be so careful that they do more harm over thinking than making a proper decision. I say this if I have faith in God and he is leading my path to righteousness than what comes my way that gives me a good feeling I will follow. The over thinkers have one type of life!! boring and worried about bad outcomes. Life is a journey and in that journey theirs adventure, sorrow happiness, and many mistakes but at the end if followed to the letter as written than your goal will be reached.

Tyrone Garcia

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