The hungry river

Good Morning FB

I’m up early this morning because of the flu like symptoms that won’t let me sleep. However I had a nightmare of a dream last night that has stayed in my mind the last 2 hours. I dreamed of a person who was drowning in a river and was yelling for help. I saw the person pass me their hand and when I went to grab it the person was swallowed up by a whirlpool… Scary I see for what does this dream mean to me? For myself I’m doing well I’m getting out of a rough time that I had but still having a little struggle…I should be well by the end of the month. However I do remember once drowning in a whirlpool of hate and problems. In 1990 I was what you can call far gone and wasn’t making good decisions. I was drinking all day and getting high and sleeping with different women constantly. At the time I was a merchant Marine and sailed the high seas and was in a different country quite often. I lost friends for I was dishonest and a liar. One day I decided to change on June 2, 1991…. When I saw that my character was the problem. I decided to change my bad character with good character…. What I thought was being weak had become being strong and my life has never been back in that whirlpool of hate and confusion. I love and honor everyone today no matter what they are or what they have done to me for I to was the same. But I won’t allow people to continue to take advantage of me.  I submit to my humility and let it carry me through life without any more drastic errors.  I still can make mistakes but not as bad as the ones I made before.

By Tyrone Garcia

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