Good Traits

whenever I work out in the gym I start to think of many things. I see myself exercising not for looks, but for health. When young of course you want to show those abs and be selfish, but unfortunately that doesn’t raise a family. In order to be happy in life you need compassion, love, and sensitivity. yes sensitivity can be a bad word for men. But how else can you be a good dad to your son or daughter, and how can you understand and love your wife or girlfriend. Today young women (some) see a man with these traits and see them as weak or a turn off. The same ones who are always broke with nothing….It’s easy for a man to be a rough neck make himself look like the hulk and talk smack, which can actually be a turn on to some women. I should know I been married twice although it was my first wife who experienced me in that fashion. The hardest thing a man can do is to be compassionate to others, sensitive to other peoples feelings and to give love to the world even though you are vulnerable to be hurt. A real man has these traits and raises lawyers not criminals,Doctors, not drug dealers, teachers, not ignorant fools,  with no goals,.and on and on the good times can roll from these few good traits some people look at as weak. Sometimes what may look good can turn out to be the devil in disguise trying to destroy and drop you into the abyss. So i say this learn to like what you think was weak and learn to ignore what is just a good look.. for a real person sells his/her personality and has dignity…. for those who try to get attention by showing their booty or body men or women are just people with low-self-esteem and have no real personality to offer..
Tyrone Garcia 

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