The past

I remember like It was yesterday The laughter, the fights the children the worries of upcoming bills. They all boil up to the past for today the future is here and we are opened for new experiences. The good times are never gone for our memories keep us connected to the past. We can sit, talk, cry, and laugh, about the times when you thought all was going to fall  apart and when you felt that you was on top of the world.  Remember when with friends you laughed at stupid jokes and hoped  that moment would never end. You believed and hope that the journey would end there and laughter would continue. Unfortunately it doesn’t life continues and more good times will come along with some bad ones. We will continue to add people to our lives and make a difference. You wake up one day and try to find the great moments of your life but all you see are shadows in your mind of your past. But when we sit and think hard we can relive every good moment we had-  you can say to yourself ‘Man was I blessed” to had known those people. Every ending isn’t a real ending it’s a beginning to newer things, life is constantly preparing you for the next journey that’s all it is. But when you miss those of the past who died or moved on you still have their picture in your head to remember the good times you had with them and you thank God for the times you had.

By Tyrone Garcia….

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