My new Book

Just like to share I finish with my Book tonight and will copyright it tomorrow. I”m feeling alive tonight and ready to conquer everything that gets in my way. The book is fiction, but i did use some things I picked up the last couple of years messing around online. I guarantee you all will love to read this. Even though its fiction situations like this happen everyday in society we need to be careful who we trust and we also need to learn to keep walking by those weeping not everybody can be saved, but the story does have its great times and moments of a good thing, but just like any other ending it always has to be bad. The characters where created and I used my imagination to create the most bizarre situation you can find yourself in.I still have to go back and fix and change some things around so I say it be March before its available to purchase. I will have the Tittle available tomorrow night. Good Night to all my Friends and enemies I’m going to relax because the book is finally finished.
Author: Tyrone Garciaj

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