The real face of Eve

Hi Im eve the friend who isn’t really a friend. I pretend to be your best friend ,but what I really am is a phony, fake person who preys on good people. Nobody has never been good to me. I feel that I should be just the way I am mean, tempting, and dishonest. I see how many people live good and I live so bad. I hate the world I live in. I love the guys who treat me like crap , and use the ones that treat me like a lady. I never have nothing to offer,but my evil friendship that I will show my friend later on. I will destroy your life by stabbing you in the heart and bringing you down to my level . I have a problem thou?? I’m sick of being this way. I want to be loved , but I don’t know how to accept it….nice people turn me off …I feel like I’m the devil himself ,but I know I’m not. Oh God why am I so mean?? I have lost everything good that has crossed my path..,, why me ? tell me ,why me???? I need change!!!!!

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