The mental enslave zone

I like to talk about people who are psychologically enslaved to a negative way of thinking. There are people who are rational and see things that are better and jump on board and change. However there are people who feel better being the way they are even though the find themselves struggling constantly.. there are many people who where brought up dysfunctional and for them that is normal, whereas there are people who are bought up morally and ambitious and want to succeed. There are times though when the dysfunctional person surrounds them-self with morally successful people or experience some type of life different and better then their own and change. Sometimes it take a whole lot for that change to happen. The brain functions like a computer and whatever it is programmed is how it reacts to all of the situations it comes across. These type of people are really sick mentally and don’t know it. The problem lies in the denial they protect. They protect denial like an army protects a country. The sickness they have is what I call mental enslavement. Enslaved to a life style that gives nothing but grief. Than when someone comes along and tries to teach them they just take advantage of them, because they see an opportunity to get away with something. You can tell them the most nicest things and they will look at you like nothing. It’s like they have no knowledge of what being nice is. I’m not a doctor but when your 53 you don’t have to be because life is the biggest university there is and pain is the touchstone of growth. I can say that i am studying Physiology now for four semesters and have added to a mind that already has been through the hard waves of life. I like to close with this. Love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding is the touchstone of helping someone to change even if they fool you. Eventually the day will come that your love will awaken them and they will finally walk out of the mental enslave zone….
By Tyrone Garcia

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