Low budget people

Tonight I would like to share my opinion about cetain people. Some people you can help and teach to become something better than what they are, others will continue to be low budget until they really find themselves on a street corner without nothing. The problem with some people is they become so desperate that they take whatever they can relate to than someone who can give them a better life. They look at successful, intelligent, and compassionate people as weak so they prey on those who are vulnerable,they use there pity to attract attention than they do what they do best rob you of your feeling of doing the right thing. I once saw a young girl cry over household problems. I decided to help her only later on to be taken as a fool. I walked away and never looked back. The negative thing about that is I will be less compassionate next time..I may just keep walking next time. The problem than is that person may actually change for the best not the worse if I helped her. One other time I let someone live in my house and gave them food and shelter only for them to turn on me and betray me later also I… believe that people need to hit bottom and they should be the ones to humble themselves to you not you to them. Some people are just scavengers and are only looking for suckers to prey on. I guess we all need to be helpful but with limitations..A person who is successful, intelligent , and compassionate for some reason can’t have a relationship with a person who is lost, confused, and never had nothing but problems, they will be to much of a turnoff basically because of the incompetency of the always struggling person.
So think twice the next time you try to be helpful. like they told me when I started to change: “maybe you need more pain”
By Tyrone Garcia….

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