The hand of germ genocide

Healthcare in America has become worse than the diseases we have  inherited  that most likely we invented testing germ warfare. Ebola which is the big talk in the US has taken off and it’s in our society. We call it a virus that kills what so funny is how does a virus kill when the immune system in humans is so strong? We fight off many natural viruses, but some we can’t!! Are these natural or manmade? Germs are created and are tested on people to see how it works. For many years this virus lived In Africa where genocide has gone on for centuries. The virus is here now and there telling us not to panic!  they have it all under control. I think not, for if they had it under control why has it been out of control for many years in other places in the world.

The healthcare system in our great nation has become noting but a capitalist tool to make the rich richer and the poor sicker and poorer. The biggest crock of garage is all these drugs that are being invented to make you better. People are taking these drugs and their immune systems are being use to having additives in order to make them function better in their daily lives. The mind can conquer any problem we inherit better than any drug we take. The funny thing is what happens when a person who has been taken medicine for years and can’t afford it anymore do when healthcare has gotten too expensive. Doctors and hospitals only take care of you when you can pay and once you can’t your dead. Emergency room trips galore, a little attention, and out you go with a four thousand dollar bill you can’t pay, and then told to follow up with a doctor who won’t give you an appointment, because you have no overpriced insurance to pay for his Mercedes. It’s a freaking joke already! I wonder how many people have to feel the affect of what I call genocide of our own little capitol that we have? We are headed to financial disaster with all this high priced insurance and by the end of next year many people will be paying fines to the government because they have no healthcare….I say this God ended the world because of the same thing selfish problems and greed amongst the leaders of the people. However I do believe I won’t be God this time it will be the greedy leaders who think that their money making is more powerful than the heart of the people. May God bless our world and may we all learn that the happiness of a human is freedom of oppression and what’s happening today with heath insurance skyrocketing prices is just that a financial genocide of the people.

By Tyrone Garcia author of the book “ Soap That doesn’t clean”

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