We are all the same..

As I work on my homework assignments due for Monday I see myself doing something I thought I would never do when a young man. Educate myself and LEARN MANY PHILOSOPHIES that have allowed me to understand life and change my way of thinking…Many people feel that history starts in 1492 and when Christ was walking the land,but what amazes me on how ignorant I was with that form of thinking. Slavery, war , greed, and the taking over of ones land has been going on way before that and we all have played a role in being the bad guy even the indigenous people. At one time all the continents where connected and all mortal humans transited from one to the other Africa to Asia to North America making us all the same people and having all the same values survival.. One of the most important things I have learned going to college is research before you open your mouth. There are no bad people …white, ,black, brown ,red ,yellow, there are only ignorant people. For we all have one thing in common we want to to live life to the fullest…TG

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