Pac-man = Capitalism


People are fed up with their low salaries, allot of work,and bills, just skyrocketing. At this time in New York their are people being arrested for protesting fast food companies, for the low wagers they pay. Retail has never been a great paying job to begin with just something to do while going to school or when young living with your parents . The problem is in the past America had manufacturing jobs available that gave families  a good living…  Today all those jobs are mostly gone overseas for cheap labor. Although the labor is cheap they still kill you on prices here in the states. Retail has become the job for many in America which is why our society has dragged down so much financially. People are broke and living pay to payday hoping they can save a buck but they cant. The job market is terrible and that also goes for college educated people an addition to small business owners having to sell or go bankrupt because the bigger corporations are building bigger and better businesses . So the less we make the higher the price goes up for living resources and the lower our bank accounts get. You can take a payday loan and stay in an unbelievable debt for the rest of your life just owing 1000 also. It all boils down to this capitalism….. The power to buy and sell for  greed is like the game of pac-man it just keeps eating and eating till there’s  noting left… Soon even the rich and powerful will eat each other up till there’s nothing left but dust. I guess maybe that’s what they mean by the end of the world.. man will destroy man till there nothing left to destroy. Pity it is:  that in this  country that is so rich and full of abundance for all, we can act so foolish in ignorant over a piece of paper that’s worthless….

By Tyrone Garcia have a nice evening…..

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