The Discontented Lake…


I went to a park with a huge lake this evening for a walk. As I walked around I saw families and friends exercising and barbecuing all having a great time. I take time to pause and look and I ask myself why am I not with family and Friends doing the same.I feel some times like im isolating from life. I’m chasing so many things and as I do i’m wasting my years. How do we find ourselves in these situation? I think we have become discontented with life and we have gotten to the point that we are just depressed and lost in the abyss of darkness and confusion! One thing I do know is this, our journey in life is always going to have rocky times.. The good thing is when looking in the mirror be honest with the face in front of you.. When you can see the mistakes in your life and accept them and move on you have past the test of life. There are no losers only winners for life is a puzzle at times and it can be hard to put together.
By Tyrone Garcia

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