Bring Back the Farmers

Trying to prove yourself can hurt more than help your success in some companies. There are few intelligent people in the world who are willing to take your strengths and grow their company with it. The problem is envy and worry about them losing their job to you. Competition!  Nobody wants it even though it infuses the company with success because all are competing to be better. The problem that occurs at times is that the one who’s worried tries to use their power in a negative way. So instead of the company growing with positive leadership it’s falling with negative vibes and worry. The employee’s are too busy watching their back than generating better sales and morale in the work place. Drama starts and the finger starts pointing and nobody is taking the responsibility of the mistakes being made. So while everyone is busy trying to cover their behind the company is struggling. My father-in-law Leon Vargas use to tell me many times: big company big problem, small company small problem, after being in a small business  where I saw all the problems and was able to attack them as an owner and reading about other large companies and listening to people. I see where he is so right. Large corporations struggle with more drama in the workforce than a small barber shop in the ghetto. The reason being is that the CEO has to trust in the people they appoint to control hiring, marketing, and training along with sales and keeping everyone inline. America was built with small markets and the working class farmer who through his hard work help build a nation. People went to work every day and enjoyed what they were doing and it became a success. Today Owners and CEO’s don’t have a clue what’s going on. They just trust in what the guy tells him. I understand why the rich has taken their companies overseas. Maybe America has to again give it to the laymen farmer and start from scratch and take the suits off and put the overalls back on and let’s get to work.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia

Author of the book  “Soap that doesn’t clean” available on, and e-book.

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