Back to work.

Back to work tomorrow how nice it was to have 12 days off from the job. I have calmed my mind and relax my body and I’m ready for whatever challenges come. Though many people who go on vacation  hope to hit the lottery so they don’t have to go back and continue with their time off. Is it something that can happen? Yes. Though our real lottery ticket is having a job that pays us and gives us the means for survival. We sometimes forget how fortunate we are to have a job while others don’t have one. The Universe will grant you many wishes while gratitude is your main attitude. How many are always complaining about their employment? almost everyday you can here someone fret over their job, but fire them and see them praying for another one. I can imagine God listening to the prays!!  ” Oh no not this guy again! this time I’m going to make him sweat till he appreciates his gift” I have learned in life that we all must be grateful for what we have little or small. For the bigger things in life will come once you learn to love the little things you have. The holiday season is about to start and we must prepare to enjoy our times with family and friends. So lets all be grateful for what we have and allow the powers of the universe to bless us with all the royalties life has to offer. May the next three mounts bring us all prosperity and happiness so that we can bring in the new year on a positive note.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By: Tyrone Garcia author of the book  “Soap that doesn’t clean” available on amazon, Barnes and noble, and


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