Dreams are Golden

Today while working I was thinking of my dream a dream that is going to happen soon for me and others.  For when I dream I always ask that all my friends and family are blessed.  I realized that my current situation is pretty tough many emotions and thoughts are running through my mind and I have so much to do. I see that the Universe is walking me through the training I need to prepare for my dream to come true. We think that we are ready for the gifts we ask the universe for but are we really?  People have turned miracles into disaster because there weren’t really ready to receive it? Lack of discipline and control is the dilemma! We pray endless nights asking for some kind of gift that will bring us happiness but have we been grateful for the little we have. It’s hard to get blessed when your heart is full of hate and envy. People make us mad and its justifiable anger sometimes. However; day in and day out we still fight the same anger, when will we give in and just accept the situation?  I have for several years been changing my attitude towards being grateful for the little I have and trying hard not to allow others to live in my mind. I’m not perfect I do get upset! But I do try to reassure myself constantly that all will be fine even when reality says it won’t. I live a life that always brings me into a magical adventure and I believe in everything I want I can have. Patience is needed but we can grow on almost anything if we try. The good thing is that everything I ask the universe for I have received. I just had to take action and have faith in my dream. I have a big one coming up and I see my preparation intact for me to get it. This is the dreams of all dreams and when it happens all we see that my words are golden and my mind is free for when you believe in a power greater than yourself may it be Jesus, God, or Allah, or whatever!!  Anything is possible if you only build your thoughts towards it and you ask your higher power for it

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clan”

 . http://www.amazon.com/Soap-Doesnt-Clean-Tyrone-Garcia/dp/1475979509/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1375063733&sr=1-1-catcorr

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