The Imagination.

The imagination what will we do without it? I at times like to look at things that aren’t realistic and try to believe it can become a reality.  People live to much in a world that is boring and no adventure, just following statistics and have no sense of faith or fantasy. I always have believed in the unrealistic life. Coming from housing projects and poverty what else is there to do but to dwell and dream on that big house and nice car. I remember when we use to go on bus rides to upstate New York I would see those nice houses and clean streets, I would tell my mother”I want to live here one day “and she would say”this is not for us” I would just continue looking with a sad face but still believing that I can have a life just like the people I saw living in the nice houses. I went on to grow and have everything I wanted.  I had struggles but the universe has delivered to me all my thoughts. The imagination is the most powerful gift we possess because it gives messages to the universe and the universe works like a magnet it attacks your thoughts and gives you back what you put out. So if you are always thinking about paying bills and worrying about your short comings than that will be your life. We all need to be responsible and take care of our bills and family, but what is the sense of worrying when worries just confuse you into making more mistakes. I one time out of being nervous about money I owed took a bad loan out of desperation and wound up owing more and getting into deeper debt. We have to come to the understanding that only positive brain waves are what we need. So my advice is this! Meditate on something you want and allow your imagination to take you to that place that makes you feel good. Life is a journey nothing is guaranteed to stay so enjoy the good times and bad: for its all education not bad luck.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By   Tyrone Garcia:  Author of the book   “Soap That doesn’t clean”

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