Take more chances

I think that hardest thing to do is believe in something unrealistic. People put limitations on themselves, because of the statistics and fears of others. The word “Impossible” is my best word because like a child when told not to do something I get very curious why I shouldn’t.  Life is a challenge and if it wasn’t it would be boring. The successful inventions of all time where considered impossible! Flying! Cars! Traveling, from country to country, either they said the world was flat or only birds can fly, it’s now history and we do these things constantly on a daily basis. I’m a great believer in taking chances, because he who tries to live cautious will never know how far he could have gone in life.  The man who says “Hey my bills are paid and I don’t want to do anything to hurt that” is the same man who will live and see others grow right before his eyes and wonders why he never had anything. He’s the biggest complainer at his job never being satisfied and gossips about everyone, taking inventory on his co-workers and never on his self. Same goes for the women. Not everyone came to this world to be successful financially, it would be nice, but not everyone has what it takes to move forward in life, because of fear of what others predict. I believe complacency plays the biggest role in our life we accept whatever it is we are going through and just say “That’s Life” and continue. I believe life is supposed to be fun, exciting, adventurous, and happy. However there are times when we are going to be broke, stressful, angry, and confused. Everything cost even life itself, but to me it’s all a challenge I’m willing to take. Anything is better than being the slave of a jerk boss who does as he please because another moron trusts them with that power. I guess experience will decide what best for you?

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the Book “Soap that doesn’t clean”



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