Sobriety is great.

Twenty Two years ago today I stood looking out of a window on the 17th floor in a Bronx apartment. I wanted to jump and end it all. Something stopped me and I decided not to jump, but to run down the stairs screaming like a man who just lost his soul. I was taken to the same hospital I was born in Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx.  There I was seen and sent to start rehabilitation for alcohol and drug abuse. It was my last encounter with the substances. In the last 22 years I have raised 3 kids and all have become successful 2 from my wife that I would meet 7 months later and the other my daughter who was from my first wife. I moved up the ranks in my job and was able to buy my first house. I had the life of a king and money was never an issue. I had my own business and helped many people along the way.  I have touched the lives of people I never knew and they are my friends today. What if I would have ended it before I can do the things that were listed for me to do? A lot of those people would have lived on the streets or never got that help that they needed. Life sometimes is hard and we feel that ending it is the answer. It isn’t:  for when you do end your life before your time is done, you mess up the books of the universe along with your time, which then puts you in limbo. Life has to be lived in order for it to make sense even if we are hurting.  The transition will be hard but great times are coming.  I am totally grateful that I’m alive today and there’s nothing better than waking in the morning and breathing life. My time will come one day, but for me it’s more like transformation into another life; death is only for those who stop having faith and the harder life gets the closer you are to happiness.

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

By Tyrone Garcia You can purchase my book below.

2 thoughts on “Sobriety is great.

  1. at first read I was questioning – but you brought this message home for me – thanks Tyrone…..and happy anniversary.


    “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson.


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