The lonely Bench


The other day I was sitting in this little park thinking about the future and right in front of me I see a lonely bench with a nature background look. I started to think of my past years when I was drinking and running the streets like I had no worries of tomorrow. In the neighborhood I grew up in Bronx River housing projects in The Bronx New York, the benches were a big part of hanging out. We would spend hours just talking, drinking, and smoking. From those benches we came alive and plotted our daily goal, which was to continue talking, drinking, smoking. That pattern of life made a great impact on my thinking. It would last till the age of 30. I would ride that lonely bench of life daily and would only see problem after problem. I would say how can I release this bench that is attached to my life? God showed up and told me that I had the power all along; all I needed was faith and change. I did. and for 23 years after I would keep that bench of my back, but for some reason it has returned but I’m not drinking, and smoking, I’m trying to find myself again I’m trying to build and go forward with a good life and less problems For problems are bad and no matter what is happening in your life good, or bad, problems will never stay away for long.But we all have one thing to do battle with, and its called faith.

May your dream come alive in 2013?

Tyrone Garcia Author of the book: “Soap that doesn’t clean”

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