Goodbye”s are hard.

Change can be good but change can also hurt. Everyday our lives are hit with all types of new roads to follow. We get up and go but sometimes we don’t want to and that can become in issue. Complacency can be the real cancer in the growth of a person. We start off with a new Job or location and we there for a while say a couple of years or a little less. Then we have to move on so we can get better, but we found a comfort zone in that place and have a hard time leaving. Mainly because you think you won’t find the same people you worked with in the old place in the new venture starting.This is a problem I have found very hard to deal with. I have left many places before with no problem, only my business hurt me in the past. But as I leave the store I have worked at the last 18 months I feel like I’m losing a very close friend. I’m going to a larger store in preparation for me to grow further into management and it is a good thing. But my friends and customers that I have met and been with all this time have become more important to me than any money or power I may get from leaving. That is the problem with the world today power and money has become our master and friendship and companionship has become the enemy. What are we to do with this dilemma?  Unfortunately I don’t run the company so I have to do what I have to do and of course I can use the financial help. I guess I need to grow up mentally and enjoy my last days with my lovable crew and go on to the next level.  For I will probably meet people who will help me and I will help them; either way It’s the Power of the universe that is pointing me in the direction I’m going and it has a great surprise for me when my training is over. So I can say thank you for allowing me to meet the people I learned to love and admire and hopefully I can meet some more and enlarge my circle with more good friends.

May your dream come alive in 2013 J

Tyrone Garcia: author of the book

“Soap that doesn’t clean” hit the link below if you want the book.

One thought on “Goodbye”s are hard.

  1. I will miss you a lot Tyronie!!! you keep me going!!! thank you for everything.. I’m about to cry right now :(…….. Good luck on your new store!!!

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