Happy Easter with a message.

Easter what is it the resurrection Of Christ or just another day to show of our clothes and spend money? Maybe both: for some of us.  I can imagine how crowded the churches were this morning..   I remember the church in my old neighborhood; St Joan of Arc in Bronx River, It would be standing room only. The priest would say “There are many faces I haven’t seen since last year here today”   The beautiful dresses and hats worn by the women and the great looking suits on the men, and how can we forget the children how cute did we dress them. But what does the real message of the day mean?  What really happened on that day? I’m not a master of theology, but from watching movies and growing up going to Catholic school, I must say that the words of Christ were about change on that day. He rose from the dead and confronted several people for a while to prove he was the son of God. How can that help us today? How many of us are dead spiritually, mentally. We have all this faith, but live more in fear and discontent for we believe more in our worries than in the words we have read from the Book called then Bible. One does not have to be dead in order to live like there are.  The bible can really be a great book if we look at it from another direction instead of just reading it and passing fear of not being accepted by God, we should be doing self appraisals on oneself and stop judging who is accepted or not. For those who stood home and cooked dinner and didn’t even dress up were probably the most intelligent people today. I unfortunately did the dressing up and restaurant thing and I’m out 100 dollars, and the food was overpriced and terrible.  I could have cooked a better meal with about 30 dollars at home. But we live and we learn and whether I did or I didn’t I learned something today, I resurrected my mind and soul into a better way of thinking. I come to the conclusion that the resurrection is more about starting over and burying the past. At the same time you can teach others through your actions, and help them to recover also. I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter, and today my mind has been resurrected from the past and I will start a new life for myself.

By Tyrone Garcia

Author of the Book: “Soap that Doesn’t Clean” now on sale at http://bookstore.iuniverse.com/Products/SKU-000619602/Soap-That-Doesnt-Clean.aspx

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