worrying to fast about nothing.

The changes of life can be hard on you. Constant problems can really drag you down to the ground. I mean problem after problem, it feels like it never goes away. How do you deal with that? There are really no skills when combating daily life. Acceptance is the only method you can use, but how about the person who gets  early news about something that might happen. They right away assume that the turnout will be bad, because nothing has really worked in their life. Problems are like a cancerous tumors; it continues to grow until you cut it out and give it drug therapy.  But if you don’t cut away, it eventually will kill you. We need to take every situation day at a time. The most important prayer is the serenity prayer. It covers everything you need to say when praying to whoever you pray to. I was once told by someone that 99% of worries never manifest. We go crazy and create our short coming though bad thoughts. If we only stood still and meditated we would see the answer to our problem appear right before our very eyes. I’m always trying to help people when they are the bearer of bad news; I try to make them feel like all will be fine even if I’m not sure myself. I believe that the power of thought can diminish any short coming on its way. I have experienced myself that if you have good karma all greatness will attach itself to you and give you much abundance. Problems can be dealt with and if your mind is clear and correct you will find ways to overcome anything that comes your way. When we pray what we are doing is affirming something that we want. We believe we are going to get, because we have faith in some sought off a God of the universe. I can say that it really work for I have experienced overcoming my short comings and receiving what I want.

Have a great day :0)

Tyrone Garcia.

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