Spring Break

Half way through the semester and it couldn’t come at a better time. Relax if you can and get some sun and some fun. For us middle age students its work and stay home. However I will relax a little myself. The problem with spring break is students tend to overdo it with the drinking and some drugs. It can be a very bad time for some students who are not careful. One thing that can affect your whole career is getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. Sex is a big part of letting out the frustration of the first semester, especially if you didn’t get any. By all means enjoy yourself; just don’t get so high that you forget to be responsible. God is getting tired of taking the blame for your irresponsible actions. On the other hand it may be what you needed. Once you have committed to the action, it’s time to look and see what the positives are. So good luck and enjoy. And be careful for the good and the bad are always waiting for you. When drinking and using drugs your decision making can be pretty weak, so you must keep an eye on you. I have met many people who started drinking and destroyed their lives on theses zany weeks of explosive fun, and of course death from drinking and driving. I once said to someone that enthusiasm has to be supervised, when we get very excited is when we can become very vulnerable to tragedy.

Enjoy your week;

Tyrone Garcia.

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