Enjoy Life and forget everything Else.

The weekend is here so what do we do? Relax till Monday and do it all over again. The restaurants should be packed for the Valentine weekend. I will hit a few. The biggest mistake we make in life is? We get to passionate with our Jobs. Then when they don’t acknowledge your passion you feel bad. You feel like your world is nothing but a failure. You cry and get mad at the world and say, I’m not going to be nice anymore. The problem is, depending where you work, that people practice personalities instead of principal. Not everywhere, but there are some places that you can write a book on how closed minded the bosses are.  You try to do everything and you never get that promotion you have been fighting for. That can make your life miserable if you are not careful.  We must remember that our real goal is happiness, we must find it, we must practice it, and we must cherish it.  The world is full of money goal people, ego centric, and full of crap people. They act like your friend and smile in your face, but there are really your tormentor. Me I go to work and do my best, but I won’t cry over anything because if I stay happy and satisfied I will always perform well. Expectations of people can be like stock speculation, 50-50. I say take that same passion and put it into your family and friends. What is yours is yours no one can change your destiny, but you can prolong your misery by being sad and discontent with life. I’m a great believer that we maintain our bad times by just feeling terrible all the time. I don’t remember anything good happening when feeling bad about life or the current situation at work or at home. I understand that is easier said than done. But what’s the sense of worrying about something when worry won’t change anything but your feelings. Imagine being miserable about something than finding out you have 6 months to live. Would you really care at that point? The first thing that comes to your mind is dam” I have spent all my years worrying about the same thing Bills or your Job. Forget about the materialism and enjoy your life. Find happiness within, because to live in paradise you don’t need money you need creation, you need fantasy, you need hope, and you need to believe. The universe is receiving your thoughts. And the rule is what you put out you receive.

May your dream come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book will be out in March

‘Soap That doesn’t clean”

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