All I want Is Freedom!!

All I want is freedom, the freedom to do what I want, not to be incarcerated by phony rules. I want to walk the earth free of lies, I want to live my dreams and expect what I ever I think of to happen. I want to be loved by all, and accepted by the ones who hate to accept!  For the light is near and your hate is brings no fear.. I will run away from the plague you try to put onto me. I will ask the powers of the universe to protect me from all who try to destroy my day. I will silence my phone from the calls that I don’t want to hear… I am love, I am worthy, I am great, I could be anything I want until you bring me negativity. Ah!!  But it’s up to me to allow the negativity to live in my mind Rent free, I wont.,Because my mind is protected from the human antivirus called positive vibe… Just like a computer the program won’t open. But can constant obstacles kill the protecting agent? I believe that’s when the human in me awakens, and I must respond with… I’m free…..

May your dreams come alive in 2013 :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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