Family Time Is Important.

Family time is always the most important part of our natural lives. We sometimes forget about it because of our careers. We get so much into our goals that spouses are forgotten and we become selfish, saying” I’m doing it for us “but we are really doing it for ourselves and little by little we are disconnecting from the people we once loved and cherished. How does this happen? I will give you an example. Over the last year I have been so excited about going to college, losing weight, working on my new job, writing a book, and maintaining a blog that I have totally forgotten that I had a family. When I was questioned about it my new attitude, I would just say “Hey I’m trying to get my life going again” what I meant by that was overcoming my depression of not having my business anymore.   I was getting overweight, sleeping late, not caring about anything, and playing the lottery like that would be my only shot at redemption. When I started going to school and exercising, I started feeling better. I lost 45 pounds and was getting healthy again. I would awaken and become a writer overnight and started writing my book. I also with the help of Sonia my future daughter-in-law started my very own Blog. I felt alive and was working on my new goals day and night. I would come from work and go to the computer to write, I would have a day off and go to the computer to do my  homework, along with writing a post for my blog. Life became all about me and i forgot about everybody else. I was getting rid of my depression and creating depression in other family members. I  would argue that everyone was just against what I was doing. I am very happy that 21 years ago I learned to take stock in myself, to always look at my character defects and learn  to be honest with myself. I have found in myself today that I need to slow up and remember that God gives us traits to enjoy them with everyone not just oneself. I will continue writing, blogging, and going to school, But I have to remember when making my schedule to add my family also. Thank you God for given me the wisdom I need to see when I have to make a change.

Have a great Holiday :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book ‘Soap that doesn’t clean”  will be out soon.

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