Fill your spiritual Bank account

Good morning world, what will we experience this week in a world full of mystery and surprises? The Christmas Holidays are in full swing. We are all writing our letters to Santa asking for a present we would love to have, and for some of us a miracle. Christmas to me is the holiday of miracles where people are surprised with gifts and hope. I want to start with the ones that have everything and are only worrying about what presents they will buy for their family. You need to find a family member or friend that is really desperate for help and see how you can help put a smile on their face. The one that is living payday to payday but, can maybe buy 1 or 2 presents; give thanks that you have a job and a warm place to survive. For the one who has had a terrible year the one behind on his /her bills and  don’t know how they are going to pay them and maybe be out of a job, you are the most important person in our lives. You are the one who shows the courage that we need to have, you are the one who proves that God will come to the rescue when in need; you are the one who fights  and never gives up because you believe. You are the hope we need to see, so when our time comes; we find out if our faith is fake, we can be confident all will be fine. Your miracle will come, for life is a circle and we all have to go through it in order to strengthen our faith. We are all responsible for the miracles of people in need. “If you haven’t yet” you better!! Because when your time comes you will have no credit, when a person shows a smile of relief from your generosity, that smile is put in your spiritual bank account; and that is the bank account you need to have on full. Money grows but the energy of human life is what controls the earth. When someone is sad the earth feels it and it becomes sad itself. We must keep the earth happy for prosperity is for all and the Universe will have the last say.

Have a great day a remember try and be helpful this holiday season :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My Book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in early 2013

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