My grandchildren in the morning.

The best feeling in the world is playing with the grand kids before going to work or school. My daughter and granddaughter along with my son and grandson are a blessing for me, for at one time I didn’t even know if I would see my own daughter grow up. Sometimes our life is challenged by an obstacle that just won’t move out the way, we feel like we are doomed and that we should throw in the towel before we can give it all we can, but something happens and we climb out of the abyss and win the battle. Faith is the touchstone of success, faith in yourself, or faith in God, whatever it is you believe, it will happen. When my daughter use to come visit me from NY while on break from college; I would tell her that Regents University would be good for her and that I would love to have a Grandchild. She would say daddy I love NY and I’m not ready for children until I at least get my law Degree.  I would get sad and say Ok. That was in December 2010. Here in November of 2012 I have my granddaughter and my daughter is living here and attends Regent University. I feel like I have been given another shot at being a dad. When my daughter was a child; I was running the streets like a mad man. Little Angelina who was named after my mother has given me much joy, I am part of her growth and when I go on youtube I play all kinds of music to diversify her mind and teach her that we are all the same people. I also teach her native language which is Spanish along with English, I teach her about her Latino heritage which carries, “are you ready”? Puerto Rican, Dominican, Cuban, Guatemalan, my daughter is Puerto Rican Dominican. Danny the dad is Cuban, Guatemalan.  The child is certainly diverse. My other little Grandchild is Rios, and he is Puerto Rican and African American. They both will receive all they can from me and the family. The kids are just 1 years old, but now with computers you could teach them with pictures and sound almost anything. I hope that God gives me the long life I need to be part of their growth, I am truly blessed. Not everybody could have children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one, there are tons of children without parents and if you are a positive role model you should have one.  I raised 2 boys who are not mine and I love them like they are my own. My wife helped raise my daughter who is not hers and she loves her also. A matter of fact me and my wife have no children of our own, she couldn’t have anymore when I got married to her. The making of the child is the fun part; the raising of the child is the real part of parenting, whether  is yours or not.


Have a nice day :0)


Tyrone Garcia


My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in 2013


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