Stop holding it in.

I have learned that in this world when you are honest you will get in more trouble than just telling a lie. How weird is that? To lie about everything just to keep the peace; to hide your true feelings so you don’t hurt someone who just won’t understand. How selfish is that! No wonder the world is so dysfunctional; we are living in a mental prison called people pleasing. We have to always pause when speaking because the truth may hurt. You say to yourself “well I owe it to myself” but what if the other person takes it so hard they kill themselves, or destroy their lives? Then you will feel guilty and live more miserable. I believe that the problem today is no one wants to accept the unacceptable. How many people could really say that they are happy with their current situation? In any aspect; I have learned that the word no isn’t that bad of a word when you actually cannot do something. We have so many rules that you feel like a pinball just bouncing off walls wondering if you was wrong or not. What does a person have to do to just be happy accept everything that makes them sad? I tend to live my life in a way that works for me. I allow myself to just be plain old honest and if they can’t take it that is their problem. There is a character defect that is called resentments. When holding the truth back resentments will build within you like cancerous tumors. You will hate yourself and the person or whatever,   because you are not allowing yourself to open up and tell the truth of how you feel. When I had the restaurant there was a lady who when she got drunk would be nasty with my waitresses and complain about the bill. I would say leave her alone she spends a lot of money, she would come and do it again. I was starting to get angry and when I would see her come in the anxiety was already starting. The waitresses didn’t want to deal with her so I did. When I gave her the bill she like always did it again. I took my money, and followed her outside and told her very nicely, “why do you always complain about the bill”? Could you believe she didn’t have one answer to give me? She looked at me like I was crazy and told me very nasty to “F off”, that was my cue. I told her to never come back unless she comes with respect. She left screaming away in her car, but I felt very good about it. I felt like I took an enormous dump. She did spend some money when she did come and that kept me accepting her attitude, but I felt as my sanity and waitress’s sanity was more important than her money. She never came back and I or the staff didn’t miss her. Sometimes is better to lose someone than to lose yourself, our lives are just as important than theirs.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap That doesn’t clean” will be out in 2013

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