Whenever I travel to Puerto Rico I always try to visit the Tainos ceremonial park in Utuado Puerto Rico. I remind myself that am part Indian along with African. It gives me great pride that I belong to 2 great races of people. People who suffered under the laws of Spanish rule and the church, who also was the Government, or the church was used to hide the  government; for Spain used the church in the justification of enslaving and mass murdering the Tainos, and using African as slaves to build their new paradise. It was called the Spanish inquisition, and you can’t hide that, it really happened, we have too much proof that the church was thrown heavily into the strategy of taking over the Caribbean along with South, and Central America later on. I am not here to bad mouth Spain or the Church because I am also Spanish and I believe in Christ. We are part of all of those races today; however we should acknowledge who we are, and respect our ancestors. When you look at people today you can see all the races pretty much still alive. We just acknowledge one. I noticed in the Spanish book I have been learning Spanish from it talks about most of the Indians from all the Latin countries, but not one word of the Tainos. I wonder why? The Tainos were the first to put up the resistance to the Spaniards. They say the Tainios were all eliminated which is pretty true, but it was the culture not the race that was eliminated, there are many people who call themselves Tainos. I myself will also say that along with saying I’m Puerto Rican. The important message is we have many traits because of the merger off these races and it is what makes everyday life work for us. The Indians and African which at that time were both indigenous people taught us how to grow and learn from nature. How to honor and use the resources for survival, not free enterprise, and capitalization; which is something that has turned us into slaves with a Job. A week ago there was a spider in his web not too far from my porch were I sit at night. I looked at it to know it was there. I didn’t kill it because it wasn’t bothering me. A strong wind came and it couldn’t break his web or him. Such a small little thing you would believe a strong wind will knock it away. It didn’t. The spider had built himself a strong home, were as strong winds couldn’t knock him down. His resources were able to protect him. Isn’t there writing in the Bible that says he who makes his home on solid rock will be able to withstand the strong winds when they come. Nature doesn’t need to read anything because God has implanted in us all we need for survival. The problem is our dependence comes from the teaching of others which could deceive us. Nature looks within and survives on instinct and inner self. We have made our lives harder by implanting fear and ignorance to ourselves. What an indigenous person was doing at 12 it takes one of us to do at 21. Are we ahead? Or are we behind? All I know is that I learn more from nature by looking and analyzing it. But I guess it’s easier to just trust someone else to teach us.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out in 2013

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