A good day

What a lovely day it was today. I just finished doing 25 problems in math I guess I’m a bit smarter or a bit more tired and overwhelmed. Here I go again; to try and pass this class on Monday. When I am given a final exam, the class is only 4 weeks than another one starts. It’s a new way for the school to make more money. Every class carries I credit, I only will take one more. “I love going to college” it’s hard, but I am enjoying myself. Experiencing what I didn’t  when I was young. College is one big money making machine, if you fail a class and retake it they make more money. If I owned a college, I would take every dumb -ass in the country. That would assure me that all I would need is few classes and a few Professors. Cause they will never get out of their first class. You figure, by the time the Government finds out I will be rich and sitting on a piece of land in South America, thanking the dummies. On the other hand every day I learn something new. I meet many people and feel as I’m a new born baby. I’m thinking of making a video next spring break, and calling it “50 year olds gone wild”, that would be something. I see lots of young students and I notice how they don’t have much respect for anything and they freak out quickly when over whelmed. I sat down with one today and talked to her about life and visualizing the things you need. Never becoming critical of daily obstacles, just look at them as math problems and try to figure them out. I shared with her my life and the mistakes I did, she was amazed! That after so many problems, I would even try to go to college, I feel sometimes that is where I fit in with these kids whenever I get conversation I try everything I can to prepare them for the real education? Life, { I am a free working Professor}I’m also running into students from the last few semesters. I’m not sure yet, but if I make it out of community college, I might just continue. I believe we all have something to give to everybody, and for every time you give someone hope, God deposits gifts into your spiritual bank account. It is our job to join hands with all people of the world and make sure they have been given a chance to grow. Our failures are their success and our success is their happiness. When the circle of love and happiness is complete the world will be saved.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “ Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

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