Whirlpool of Debt.

A whirlpool of debt what is it? The whirlpool of debt is created by greedy stupid people who think by punishing you by charging late fees, will make you a better payer. “Boy” Do I remember those days. Here you are making your payments a little late, but you’re not finished, because more was added. Now you can’t pay something else because your budget is very slim. You go out and get a loan to fix all the bills and consolidate them; but your rent went up and your car needs 500 dollars in repairs in order to get it inspected, and avoid getting a ticket from the police. Today you don’t have to be bad in order to get in trouble. There are more decent people in court today fighting judgments and speeding tickets than criminals. Oh yes!  Don’t forget your car insurance will go up when getting a speeding ticket. We have these high performance cars, but you could only drive 55 on certain roads Thank God interstate 95 gives you 70.mph. limit. Can I say that we are a society that kills each other financially? Everything is money and money is everything, you can’t even go to church without checking to see if you have money. Here is the kicker,  when you start to see the light; another bill comes in, because you need to have it. At age 51 I have seen it all, and I’m convinced we are going towards a financial catastrophe. We need to stop and take a deep breath and accept that we have become slaves towards our own unrealistic ambitions. Driving a car which cost almost what you would pay for 1 acres of land is ridiculous. The government owns us; as direct deposit becomes your paycheck and your debit card becomes your savings, if you are lucky to have one, all your information is available to them, we have become an approval or decline. Pretty soon single men and woman will have an acceptance card in order to get their approval. I could see the girl at the bar taking your card and sticking it in some computer and it says FULL OF SHIT. Their goes not using the brain again. It may save us tons of money on welfare for new born babies whose dads are not really dads. We are all becoming a number, is there something written somewhere that evil will have numbers? I guess we are all  evil, But to finish what I started, as we continue to get into debt, and more is added, by our friends “the companies”, you feel as you are in a whirlpool, and you are being sucked down, then you are being squeezed to death until you bust, or even take your own life. I suggest you don’t do that, I suggest you just remind yourself that life is about learning and we should look at it as life being a school. Take it one day at a time. I have experienced it., I went through 5 straight years of misery with deb,t and I am here today to talk about it, and life has gotten better.. We can all overcome the obstacles of life we just need to have faith and not allow materialism to be our master.

Have a nice day. :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “Soap that doesn’t clean will be out soon”

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