My Debate.

I look for body language in a debate not what they say. Why? Because they are always saying the same thing; what you want to hear. Politicians go back and forth discrediting themselves when campaigning against one another. The other will make sure the one who wins fails so in 4 years his party can win. The people waiting around for results and nothing happening “but what a minute” we all know who is having an affair, or who smoked pot when young.  Politics in America is one big soap opera. Ever since Ronald Reagan all we here is about the military, I agree they need assistant, but not everybody is in the military. In the military you could get a retirement check after 20 years. In the regular work force you have to wait till you’re 55 or older no matter how many years you have worked. How many weapons we need to make in order to be the powerhouse? They are smaller countries doing better than us like Costa Rica which don’t have a military and many Americans are moving over there. A place I wouldn’t mind buying a summer home. To me Romney was full of himself and Obama was just trying to keep the votes on his side. This is my opinion with Republicans and Democrats. Republicans cut taxes and help the rich, Democrats raises taxes and screws the rich and helps the low income people. It’s just that easy.  Which one are you? If you are not making money in the $100.000s voting republican is a waste of time. Me, I am a lost American; I am the middle class which has been forgotten, no more trips to Disney world,  no more new cars without struggle, no more college fund for my kids, An American with a Bachelor Degree is on food stamps because the salaries suck. The Homeless is growing, Apartments are charging like crazy because no one can get financed on a house, what is the problem? Unregulated Capitalism is our problem. Our financial lives has become like the old game Pac man. People just eating the weaker ones and becoming monsters, no compassion for our fellow brother and sister who fight each other on a  daily basis in order to take over his/her business. Families have no family time so children are being raised by the internet and computers games which make them more uncompassionate and with fewer morals. This is our problem. Not education or the Military. And let one of you 25.000 a year people tell me that Romney is your vote, I will almost die laughing. By the way I have veteran in my class who fought in Iraq and can’t get a job, because he has post war syndrome. Where are the republicans and Democrats for him?  I believe the Government is full of themselves. However I do put this out! When God gets pissed and calls on Mother Nature and all is destroyed, maybe we could start again. We the people are responsible for each other; God will hold all accountable no excuse. The Universe is one; there are no 3 party politics just one.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

“Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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