Rehab or hypocrites

Rehabilitation we spend millions on it every day whether their jails or hospitals for people with compulsive behavior.  Alcohol, drug abuse, gambling, and overeating, are considered diseases; and it has been proven by the medical field. Insurances pay for it and the rehabs are full everyday with new patients. Some wind up in jail because of the acts they commit in order to feed their addiction. Divorces, loss of their children, almost every horror you can think of. Why it is that society don’t want to give them a job?  Especially ex cons, they do 5 years in prison, but are labeled a felon and can’t get a job unless they know someone with connections.We continue as a society to be hypocrites, A person admits his faults, but is continued to be punished by society. How do you fix a problem when the problem is hypocrisy within the system?  I believe the system gets harder when they see the common people moving up. In the 90s I sold cars if your credit score were 625 you would get a decent rate and qualified for most good deals, and a 670 you were pretty golden. Today you need 700 plus. A guy comes out of jail for robbery he does his time and is ready for a new start what happens? ”Sorry sir but due to your felony you have to work for peanuts somewhere else” While rent and a car payment plus insurance could run you up to 1300 dollars; you are lucky if you make 1500 a month. What happens next he goes back out and do what he knows best; making money using his criminal education. Then we sit back the ones with the money and great jobs and judge them. Then why rehabilitate if society isn’t going to help with the cause. I do understand that some people are criminals for life, but what do we do with the ones that really want to change. Maybe evaluating someone more and finding out why did this person committed crimes. I feel like this “we are full of ourselves” I can talk! When I had my business I hired ex cons, I kept an eye on them, but did everything I could to help them. It starts with compassion, understanding what other people need, other than just thinking about you. The world is round; but it continues to move, when people join hands with other people you also become round and the energy becomes positive. A church can’t grow without people and money.  We are responsible for each other, and if we are going to bring harmony to our community it starts with our commitment towards a fair society. We are just one step away from total serenity for all. The real criminals are the ones who make the rules, but break them and get away with it.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The Book “soap that doesn’t clean ” will be out soon

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