Failure Good Or Bad?

“How dark is the day when ones accomplishments has failed” To start all over again is the problem! “How does one find the discipline to do what he could of finished already”. There is a feeling called emotional bankruptcy; it comes when you feel you should of won a battle. Life sometimes needs to be played like a game of chess. Strategic  moves has to be made; so you could takeover certain situations. If not, life will take you over and keep you on a emotional roller-coaster ride.. Then the other problems come and  mount up and drive you further into failure. . You find yourself being ambushed by problems and you self destruct, not knowing where to go; you are followed everywhere by this predator called problems. You reach out to people, but they are also in the plague called problems and can’t help you. How about prayer? It works for about 10 minutes, and when you don’t see results the faith is gone quicker than the prayer you said. “Oh sadness oh sorrow” from the mouth of Dr. Smith, it comes from the old series of the 60s “Lost in Space”. [Some of you will not know this]. They are some things you can do to turn it around. It’s called? Reevaluate yourself and see what you did wrong. We are supposed to fail once in awhile, it’s what makes us smart. I always believe that our life here on earth is all about learning. We could make our life feel like we are in heaven or we could feel like we are in hell. It depends what you choose to call success. To feel doomed, and full of despair, which is what I used to  start this post, is the feeling needed to advance to the next step. When an animal is cornered ; his first reaction is to survive and jump whoever is cornering him and fight his way out. We are the same, but our emotions and fear just kill us. Learning how to cope with failure is hard.  Show me how you got back up from a knockout punch and fought back; and I will show you a person looking for success. Whenever something happens it should be evaluated not argued with. Never throw in the towel. We must learn how to channel our emotions in order to lead us toward happiness not sorrow. Happiness is the answer to everything.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon

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