Looking Within

Going to full time school, full time job, and full time family man, is a real job. We get overwhelmed with it. We must be careful. The first goal in life is to be happy. Everything else is just material, however we must prepare ourselves to be better. When overwhelmed we must learn to do breathing exercises. It helps to get rid of the anxiety. As we breathe out we are letting go of our worries. We tend to do too much to impress ourselves and others and what we do is blow a fuse in our minds. This week was tough for me.  What confuses me is after taking a test, everyone says it was easy and you are there with your eyes wide open thinking that you’re stupid. I had 3 tests this week and struggled with each of them; to me easy means tricky. Yes” all of the above” is usually the answer, but is it? We will see on Friday! One problem I always struggle with is floating away in class; thinking of something else while the teacher is speaking. In my morning class I was already thinking about what to write today. We all come to this world with something special.  There is no teacher that could teach you that! But they could help you find it. We must on a daily basis look within; according to doctors I have attention whatever!! No Doctor I am a writer and my thoughts are from God and my past and present life. I am here today to share with people what I have learned so take away your drugs, I will naturally learn. When meditating ; you learn to hear God! Not when praying, prayer is an affirmation, meditation is connection to the higher consciousness. When you start to understand that you learn not to allow the world to bother you so much. I am still learning I’m not perfect; however I’m not looking for perfection, I am looking for progress. My belief is? once you are perfect spiritually; your time here is over.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean “ will be out soon.

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