Short Solid Steps.

Why must we fight obstacles on a constant basis? do we bring them into our lives? are we just full of bad luck?

The answer is no. I remember several years back when I was in business. I was forced to sell because business was slow  and I got behind on many bills. I felt as God hated me or he was saying “Tyrone I don’t want you to have this good life you have”.So I will give and take from you!! well that is total” Bull’ why must God always get the blame for our stupid mistakes?  God must sit around with the Angels just saying  “I didn’t do that” I myself was told by some of My friends In The group I belong to which is a recovery group,  that maybe selling alcohol at your restaurant was wrong. Me being a recovered alcoholic! That was wrong also. Here is what happen me like the rest Of America I bought to much house and when the economy dropped I wasn’t able to handle all the payments. My ego had made the decisions not my logic. Sometimes Enthusiasm has to be supervised! our mind can fool us into believing  we can take on the world! we can but must have a plan not just hope you have one when the crises start. Free will; we all have it. Its how we use it that turns our life into a frenzy or a paradise. Short solid steps is what we must always take towards success, God wants all of us to have it, the more successful we are the less he has to do,” makes sense doesn’t it”. When we approach a goal we must be careful meditation is the way to go. To calm yourself into a groove that allows God to talk to you so you could hear what he has to say. I have finished writing my book and I am taking my time with it so I don’t make the same mistakes I made before. When a short step forward is taking if its a bad one you could step back and regroup. But when a large step is taking forward you will fall into the pit of worry, despair, and financial bankruptcy like I did and lose it all.

“May all your dreams come true”

By Tyrone Garcia

TO my Farther In law may he RIP. Leonides Vargas who introduced me into Short Solid Steps but i failed to listen! I wont make that mistake again.






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